Sunday, 26 September 2010


Recently a window company gave me a verbal quote for replacing just one window and it was sort of BAD NEW, GOOD NEWS, he said "to replace this window will cost ten thousand pounds" and before I could respond, he said "only kidding, it will be 2000 pounds". You may think I was relieved, but I wasn't. The only emotion I had was one of disgust because I already knew the real cost would be nearer 500 hundred pounds.

It could be David Cameron is employing the same tactics as the salesman, and if he is,it's even worse than implementing the implied high level of cuts, because he will have scared workers unnecessarily.

But this writer would give him the benefit of the doubt and accept he is going to implement savage cuts but there is a growing suspicion the rate of cuts wont be as bad as implied.And if the cuts are no where near as the implied savagery, then I wont be relieved,but I will be disgusted, because even I know the cuts have got to come sometime, and it will mean Cameron will have caved in to the press and public opinion.

If it's Cameron's plan to, some how, persuade us to feel good about the cuts then he should begin now by putting down the hatchet.