Monday, 17 January 2011

health reforms

The CONDEM health reforms has the potential of opening the doors to corruption on a grand scale because it will be putting vast budgets into hands a fragmented and confused system, the ideal landscape for the private sector to exploit.

The current NHS, for all it's wrinkles, is open about it's spending and performance in treating patients;that wont happen in the reformed system, and available information suggests it will no longer be a NATIONAL health service, more a LOCAL health service, which will lead to a health care postcode lottery with brass knobs.

David Cameron spent hours telling us to trust him and to not concern ourselves with the details, but his health minister,Paul Burstow, doesn't trust him, so why should we.

And here is a prediction; the second stage of the reforms will be to give the GP consortia freedom to balance their books by charging fees, and that will be the end of the NHS

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Recently a window company gave me a verbal quote for replacing just one window and it was sort of BAD NEW, GOOD NEWS, he said "to replace this window will cost ten thousand pounds" and before I could respond, he said "only kidding, it will be 2000 pounds". You may think I was relieved, but I wasn't. The only emotion I had was one of disgust because I already knew the real cost would be nearer 500 hundred pounds.

It could be David Cameron is employing the same tactics as the salesman, and if he is,it's even worse than implementing the implied high level of cuts, because he will have scared workers unnecessarily.

But this writer would give him the benefit of the doubt and accept he is going to implement savage cuts but there is a growing suspicion the rate of cuts wont be as bad as implied.And if the cuts are no where near as the implied savagery, then I wont be relieved,but I will be disgusted, because even I know the cuts have got to come sometime, and it will mean Cameron will have caved in to the press and public opinion.

If it's Cameron's plan to, some how, persuade us to feel good about the cuts then he should begin now by putting down the hatchet.

Monday, 12 July 2010


The TORIES poured scorn on the prospect of a coalition government because it would tie their hands in delivering a right wing manifesto designed to spread inequality throughout the united kingdom. However, it has transpired their concerns were unfounded as they hadn't counted on having received such strong support from the power hungry Lib-Dems.

A RIGHT WING POLITICAL FORCE infiltrating a LEFT WING POLITICAL SOCIETY will only happen if the force is made to look like a gift, such as a TROJAN HORSE. Exactly the same strategy is about to be employed by a right wing Tory led Alliance to infiltrate our hard won state education system by constructing a FREE SCHOOL TROJAN HORSE.

And,of course, FREE is a TROJAN HORSE WORD for INDEPENDENT because, apart from receiving a pot of money from the public purse, they will be independent of state and local authority controls, with the same autonomy of a private school to conduct their own affairs within the law. So 'INDEPENDENT' is a more appropriate word than FREE and will help us to better understand the government's hidden agenda.

Once a consortium of middle class families have established a INDEPENDENT SCHOOL they will want to safeguard their new privileged status against future government interference, and they will only be able to do that by fulfilling the 'TORY-lib' secret agenda by introducing fees and severing all links with government

The ultimate outcome of this new form of national education for our children is not certain; it may condemn the poor to a permanent underclass or raise their their aspirations, but one outcome is certain, it will fulfill the TORY'S wish for a smaller state.

Our education should be entering a period of consolidation, not more change, which means any moneys found, from whatever source, should be ploughed into continuing the upgrading of existing schools,whether that entails repair or reconstructions.

Changes don't always work out for the best, but the ones implemented by the last Labour government have,which ought to continue and, because of the debt crisis, in a consolidating way.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


There has been lots of mood music about cuts with every member of the Alliance singing from the same hymn sheet,but for how long can a choir composed of two unequal partners with apposing tastes in music remain in tune?

But maybe we shouldn't worry because David Cameron assures us a formula has been worked out, the sums have been done and in five years time everything will be alright, but he knows it may not work out the way he says it will because formulas are not just a sum of constants but also variables, and one of those variable is 'making us feel good about being poor',

When a Priest tells you; "IT IS EASIER FOR A CAMEL TO PASS THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE THAN FOR A RICH MAN TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN", it makes you feel good about about being poor because you know the Priest is probably even poorer than you are.

But when a cabinet of politicians earning ten times more on interest than you would in salary per year, you don't feel good about being poor, in fact you'll probably feel damned angry, especially when they tell you to take a cut in your pay, pension and with higher taxes.

David Cameron doesn't feel bad about being poor because he's not poor and never has been or will be, in fact he's led a very privileged life from the day he was born. Not only that, he doesn't feel bad about earning more in interest on his wealth than the average worker earns in ten years,and there is no one close to advise him otherwise, because all those within his cirlce are members of the same privileged club.

Someone has got to make us feel good about being poor, it can be done. After the second world war when our national debt was worse than today, Clement Atlee made us feel good about being poor by giving us the NHS against hostile opposition from the Tories.

Cameron may say he's passionate about the NHS, but it's a system he certainly would not have given to the poor under similar circumstances the country found itself after the war. David Cameron certainly isn't the man to make us to feel good about being poor, but we're stuck with him for the next two, maybe five years.



The Conservatives have probably, at some time, been called ELITIST,SNOBBISH,ARROGANT,and more frequently TORY, but never,to the best of this writer's knowledge,anything that could be construed as grotesquely offensive until Theresa May coined the phrase,"THE NASTY PARTY" in her speech to the 2002 conservative conference.

She could have chosen almost any other word like SELFISH,MEAN,even WICKED, and it would have not stuck so permanently as the NASTY word. Unlike the other words the NASTY word has the added potency of sounding like another word a certain country would rather the world forget.

Is it possible Theresa May had for some years been stoking up deep routed negative feelings about her party,which could have been amplified by her not being chosen as leadership material, and when she got the first opportunity,as party chairwoman, to get it off her chest she did it by smearing her party with the NASTY word,but it's more likely she naively offered her take on the publics' perception of the Conservative Party.

On-the-other-hand, it could have been nothing to do with GETTING SOMETHING OFF HER CHEST or the PUBLICS' PERCEPTION but Theresa May making a purely independent executive decision to shock the party out of it's political complacency by constructing an offense phrase from the dictionary of unpleasant words and firing it at the heart of the TORY'S RIGHT WING.

But it turned out Theresa May was the complacent one as she unwittingly gave the Conservative Party another unfortunate label that would prove as permanent the TORY LABEL.

The Conservatives have now been landed with a label that rolls off the tongue as easy the 'TORY PARTY',i.e. the 'NASTY PARTY', but it didn't have to be this way. If Theresa May had been bold enough to challenge the details of her party's right wing polices,which she may have been privileged to know, then Theresa May could have achieved the desired effect. The party would have been wounded, but that's all, and may even have recovered in a form more in tune with Theresa's concept of conservatism.

The good news is, it's not too late for Theresa May to examine the party's policies,but in a fair and dispassionate way, and if she wont, this writer will.

If fox hunting is such a noble equestrian sport why has it not been included in the 2012 OLYMPICS? It can't be to do with the participants,because they are Ladies and Gentlemen, the cream of society, and in some cases the pillars of the establishment, but without their participation and finacial support, the sport would not exist.

The truth is,these figures from the upper echelons of society give a veneer of respectability to a barbaric activity that should have gone with BEAR-BAITING, COCK-FIGHTING, AND FOX-TOSSING.

Condoning such blood sports is out of tune with the aspirations of citizens from the broken parts of society who are desperately hoping for a role model to lead them out of their moral cul-de-sac.

David Cameron is not that role model and never will be while he continues to support blood sports.


John Tory, the traditional and true spirit of Toryism, resides in the past, and only visits our time when the quiet and dignified arrogance of the upper classes is endangered by troublesome top Tories making off-noises that could draw fire from the lower classes.

Lord Bludanguts,master of the Goreford Hunt and president of the Blood Alliance, was one such troublesome Tory. Unlike other Hunt masters, he was not prepared to accept the woolly ANTI-FOX HUNTING LAWS as an opportunity to continue hunting the fox,be it in covalent ways, and wasn't prepared to wait until the Tory Party returns to power.

Traveling through time to fight the threats to Toryism has led, and will continue to lead, John Tory into the jaws of GREAT ADVENTURES which this writer will relate to you.

The first ADVENTURE this writer invites you to follow is called, 'THE HUNTERS FROM HELL'