Monday, 12 July 2010


The TORIES poured scorn on the prospect of a coalition government because it would tie their hands in delivering a right wing manifesto designed to spread inequality throughout the united kingdom. However, it has transpired their concerns were unfounded as they hadn't counted on having received such strong support from the power hungry Lib-Dems.

A RIGHT WING POLITICAL FORCE infiltrating a LEFT WING POLITICAL SOCIETY will only happen if the force is made to look like a gift, such as a TROJAN HORSE. Exactly the same strategy is about to be employed by a right wing Tory led Alliance to infiltrate our hard won state education system by constructing a FREE SCHOOL TROJAN HORSE.

And,of course, FREE is a TROJAN HORSE WORD for INDEPENDENT because, apart from receiving a pot of money from the public purse, they will be independent of state and local authority controls, with the same autonomy of a private school to conduct their own affairs within the law. So 'INDEPENDENT' is a more appropriate word than FREE and will help us to better understand the government's hidden agenda.

Once a consortium of middle class families have established a INDEPENDENT SCHOOL they will want to safeguard their new privileged status against future government interference, and they will only be able to do that by fulfilling the 'TORY-lib' secret agenda by introducing fees and severing all links with government

The ultimate outcome of this new form of national education for our children is not certain; it may condemn the poor to a permanent underclass or raise their their aspirations, but one outcome is certain, it will fulfill the TORY'S wish for a smaller state.

Our education should be entering a period of consolidation, not more change, which means any moneys found, from whatever source, should be ploughed into continuing the upgrading of existing schools,whether that entails repair or reconstructions.

Changes don't always work out for the best, but the ones implemented by the last Labour government have,which ought to continue and, because of the debt crisis, in a consolidating way.

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