Monday, 17 January 2011

health reforms

The CONDEM health reforms has the potential of opening the doors to corruption on a grand scale because it will be putting vast budgets into hands a fragmented and confused system, the ideal landscape for the private sector to exploit.

The current NHS, for all it's wrinkles, is open about it's spending and performance in treating patients;that wont happen in the reformed system, and available information suggests it will no longer be a NATIONAL health service, more a LOCAL health service, which will lead to a health care postcode lottery with brass knobs.

David Cameron spent hours telling us to trust him and to not concern ourselves with the details, but his health minister,Paul Burstow, doesn't trust him, so why should we.

And here is a prediction; the second stage of the reforms will be to give the GP consortia freedom to balance their books by charging fees, and that will be the end of the NHS

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