Wednesday, 13 January 2010


John Tory, the traditional and true spirit of Toryism, resides in the past, and only visits our time when the quiet and dignified arrogance of the upper classes is endangered by troublesome top Tories making off-noises that could draw fire from the lower classes.

Lord Bludanguts,master of the Goreford Hunt and president of the Blood Alliance, was one such troublesome Tory. Unlike other Hunt masters, he was not prepared to accept the woolly ANTI-FOX HUNTING LAWS as an opportunity to continue hunting the fox,be it in covalent ways, and wasn't prepared to wait until the Tory Party returns to power.

Traveling through time to fight the threats to Toryism has led, and will continue to lead, John Tory into the jaws of GREAT ADVENTURES which this writer will relate to you.

The first ADVENTURE this writer invites you to follow is called, 'THE HUNTERS FROM HELL'

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