Wednesday, 13 January 2010


The Conservatives have probably, at some time, been called ELITIST,SNOBBISH,ARROGANT,and more frequently TORY, but never,to the best of this writer's knowledge,anything that could be construed as grotesquely offensive until Theresa May coined the phrase,"THE NASTY PARTY" in her speech to the 2002 conservative conference.

She could have chosen almost any other word like SELFISH,MEAN,even WICKED, and it would have not stuck so permanently as the NASTY word. Unlike the other words the NASTY word has the added potency of sounding like another word a certain country would rather the world forget.

Is it possible Theresa May had for some years been stoking up deep routed negative feelings about her party,which could have been amplified by her not being chosen as leadership material, and when she got the first opportunity,as party chairwoman, to get it off her chest she did it by smearing her party with the NASTY word,but it's more likely she naively offered her take on the publics' perception of the Conservative Party.

On-the-other-hand, it could have been nothing to do with GETTING SOMETHING OFF HER CHEST or the PUBLICS' PERCEPTION but Theresa May making a purely independent executive decision to shock the party out of it's political complacency by constructing an offense phrase from the dictionary of unpleasant words and firing it at the heart of the TORY'S RIGHT WING.

But it turned out Theresa May was the complacent one as she unwittingly gave the Conservative Party another unfortunate label that would prove as permanent the TORY LABEL.

The Conservatives have now been landed with a label that rolls off the tongue as easy the 'TORY PARTY',i.e. the 'NASTY PARTY', but it didn't have to be this way. If Theresa May had been bold enough to challenge the details of her party's right wing polices,which she may have been privileged to know, then Theresa May could have achieved the desired effect. The party would have been wounded, but that's all, and may even have recovered in a form more in tune with Theresa's concept of conservatism.

The good news is, it's not too late for Theresa May to examine the party's policies,but in a fair and dispassionate way, and if she wont, this writer will.

If fox hunting is such a noble equestrian sport why has it not been included in the 2012 OLYMPICS? It can't be to do with the participants,because they are Ladies and Gentlemen, the cream of society, and in some cases the pillars of the establishment, but without their participation and finacial support, the sport would not exist.

The truth is,these figures from the upper echelons of society give a veneer of respectability to a barbaric activity that should have gone with BEAR-BAITING, COCK-FIGHTING, AND FOX-TOSSING.

Condoning such blood sports is out of tune with the aspirations of citizens from the broken parts of society who are desperately hoping for a role model to lead them out of their moral cul-de-sac.

David Cameron is not that role model and never will be while he continues to support blood sports.

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