Wednesday, 13 January 2010


The Country Alliance claims the fox hunting law is unenforceable and therefore unworkable.

There is the strong possibility the Country Alliance wants the act to remain unworkable or scrapped, on-the-other-hand, they could be just complaining and want to challenge the government to make the act enforceable.

To know why the act is not enforceable has got to be understood before deciding how to make it enforceable. Just making it more enforceable is not good enough.

Unstitching the complex fabric of the FOX HUNTING ACT and stitching it back together in a more robust form is an awesome task, which the COUNTRY ALLIANCE would no doubt welcome as it would take years of Parliamentary time to resolve.

Another way to start is by asking why the cruelty to animals acts put paid to blood sports such as BEAR-BAITING, COCK-FIGHTING, FOX-TOSSING and many more, but not FOX HUNTING.Could it be FOX HUNTING was the SPORT of KINGS, and the other blood sports were associated with the lower classes.
Jmmes II of england is thought to have been credited with being the first to introduce fox hunting into England as an aristocratic pastime,but that was in the 17th century, and now we're in the 21st century when we expect laws to be passed without influence from the Monarchy, but, unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case, and there's the problem.

The only way a law can be passed against a BLOOD SPORT, which is a throw back to the past, is for the bill to by-pass the anachronism called the House of Lords ,and what's more, any member in the first chamber with special relations with the Country Alliance, and the House of Windsor, should not be included in the vote, and then,and only then, can an an enforceable act can be formed without undue influence from the crown

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