Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Even if Labour was to win the election, it still wouldn't be possible to pass a bill that would lead to an enforceable law. It doesn't matter who wins, it will still depend on David Cameron standing up to his party,which has a history of defending and supporting the status quo of the Monarchy.

Prince Charles, who should have reflected the majority views and concerns of his subjects on fox hunting, apposes their views, despite the fact their the voices have been turned into an act in the peoples' Parliament.

The act, unfortunately, was a pale reflection of what it should have been, thanks to the influence of the aristocratic caucus in parliament. To claim they weren't doing the subliminal bidding of Prince Charles is like saying the Labour party isn't influenced by the Trade Unions.

With such frustrations expressed by Prince Charles (probably more in private than in public)for the democratic process in dealing with issues such as the fox hunting ban, one is tempted to conclude Prince Charles dreams of returning parliament to the centuries when the Monarch could choose the prime minister that knew instinctively how to please the King or queen without receiving specific orders'

David Cameron has to make some tough personal choices, but there not the same tough choices a family on benefit has to make, and he should therefore just get on with it.

Maybe his first task is to make Prince Charles understand that fox hunting is a hang over from the past and has to stop.Surely it can't be that difficult to have his highness understand, I mean, how many ways can you say," YOU DO NOT KILL ANIMALS FOR FUN "

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